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Committed relationships start out easy. When we enter into a committed relationship with another person we are thrilled and excited. The relationship is easy and we are filled with hope. We imagine a future with this person so comfortable that we can envision ourselves with them forever. The pleasure center of the brain is awakened.

Sometime within the next two years, that easy relationship becomes challenging. We notice that those original feelings have waned. We disagree more often and the things we did when the relationship was new, have slowly given way to daily living. We begin to feel disillusioned. It is during this period of disappointment, which can last for years and years, that couples seek out a therapist to help them “communicate” better.

This book, Two Years After Forever, is a communication manual for couples. It is dedicated to the idea that effective communication is possible when the couple has correctly identified what has made their communication ineffective. And second, there are skills that need to be mastered. Communication requires work that can be challenging.

After reading this manual and applying the skills and principles as laid out, we will see an improvement in communication skills that will benefit all of our relationships, particularly those that we want to last into a future for which we heretofore had only imagined.

Two Years After Forever can be purchased from Amazon as a book or as a download for Kindle.

Two Years After Forever - A Communication Manual For Couples

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